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Is There a Cure For Tinnitus?
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Do You Have Tinnitus?

Mercury Legal Online are a specialist personal injury solicitors with particular expertise in helping those who have deafness and tinnitus as a result of working in noisy environments. Time and time again we are asked by our clients the same question:

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

Sadly at the moment the answer is no. What we do find particularly upsetting is that by the time clients have contacted us and we have told them there is no cure they then go on to tell us stories of how they have spent hundreds, or in some cases thousands of pounds on products from newspapers, the internet or companies distributing leaflets through letterboxes that made fantastic claims about the results they could achieve in treating tinnitus, but almost universally made little, if any, difference.

Those unfortunate to suffer from tinnitus know only too well how much it can impact upon day to day life and it is understandable that they will try anything to help alleviate the problem, but it appears from the stories we have been told that some of the products being sold are almost akin to the snake oil remedies of the wild west days.

Having said that, there are certainly products and treatments available that can and do make a difference and it is not our intention to tar all providers and distributors with the same brush, we simply want to urge caution before you hand over your hard earned money. At Mercury Legal Online our advice is simple: Before You Take Any Action In Relation To Tinnitus Remedies or Aids Go & See Your GP.

The NHS is able to offer a wide range of assistance and support to tinnitus sufferers and this is usually free of charge. The first step to getting access to these services is via your GP who can arrange a referral to your local hospital and hopefully this will be the first step on the road to helping you live with your problem. Whilst NHS waiting lists do vary from region to region our experience tends to be that you will be seen relatively quickly. If your local NHS is unable to provide the specific treatments or equipment you need then at least you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to investigate what is available in the private sector.

As mentioned above, we are not dismissing private treatment and equipment providers, some of who provide a first rate service and have helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers cope with their problems.

Do I have a claim for Tinnitus?

Having assisted to recover millions of pounds in compensation for the victims of this condition Mercury Legal Online are keen to let sufferers know that whilst we cannot offer a miracle cure, help is available locally and free of charge via your GP’s surgery. For more information or to speak to someone about a claim for tinnitus, complete our call back form.

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